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Summer Round up: Summer Ball 2016


It was party time for all our Taekwondo kickers at the annual Summer Ball after a long day of competing at this year’s Alumni Games. Marking the end of the academic year, both past and present members gathered together to celebrate the latest achievements and success of the club.

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With new members joining the club, the joyful affair served as the perfect opportunity to break the ice and be more acquainted with each other. The night’s program was packed with intermission numbers where our friends also revealed their talent in stage presence, the arts and yes, karaoke! Part of the entertainment was a raffle draw with one of a kind prizes like exploitation of the present committee for various purposes including preparing a lunchbox, car wash and being their personal barista.


The night would not have been made possible without the hard work of the event’s organisers. The ball will make a return at the same time next year but until then, we hope to see everybody again in the next social!


Summer Round up: Alumni Games 2016

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The June grading was followed by the club’s annual Alumni Games during which current students were pitted against alumni members in a battery of tests and challenges. Participants from both teams were able to show off their Taekwondo skills and physical endurance in a bid to take this year’s title. Certainly, it was a great deal for the student team to come out victorious in these friendly games, which have been dominated by the alumni group in numerous occasions.


In this year’s games, teams were able to showcase their creativity as they put their own spin on traditional Taekwondo¬†poomsae patterns. The student team, led by the club’s Vice President Socrates Charalambous, triumphed as they topped the scoreboards for their synchronisation, originality and preparation. The kup graders kickstarted their interpretative poomsae¬†with Il Jang followed by the introduction to Sam Jang, care of four senior black belters. They finalised it with Kibon Poomsae, ending their routine on a high note.

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The rest of the day’s program was filled with competitive feats, with participants being subjected to tasks such as side kick holds, long distance flying kick and speed breaking. Nevertheless, the games culminated to golden point sparring. With years of experience, it seemed like the Alumni team had a greater advantage over their opponents. Despite a win for the Alumni team, the students produced a fantastic performance and proved that they have potential to be worthy competitors.

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The weeks leading to the Alumni Games have been busy and stressful. A massive acknowledgement to all the organisers of the event as well as to those who participated. It has definitely been a memorable and exciting day, especially for our newcomers. No doubt that it will serve as a motivation for our club members to train harder and sharpen their skills in time for next year’s games, with hopes of a win for the student team!


Summer Round up: June 2016 Grading


Huge congratulations to everybody who took part in the June grading and well done on getting your new grades. Up and onwards the Taekwondo hierarchy!


Summer 2016 Round up

The end of the 2015-2016 academic year saw various feats and achievements for the University of Nottingham Taekwondo Club. As the university hosts the upcoming 19th TTA Summer School, let’s take a look at some of the events that took over the club’s summer.