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TTA Summer School 2016


After months of preparation, the annual University of Nottingham Summer School makes a comeback as delegates from various TTA sister clubs around the country gathered together for a week of intensive training.

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The first day has already had our participants to panting as Grandmaster Loh presides the opening warming up. As a spectator, one could only imagine from the sidelines the great physicality that these kickers had to exert. It was an especially challenging task for the Kup graders to keep up with their seniors who would have had a great advantage for executing such exercises.

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The sessions saw our participants literally stretch themselves to the limit as they uncover their hidden flexibility and kicking prowess. Stamina and power were a recurring theme during training with our kickers being subjected to ladder drills and continuous strength routines. New heights were also achieved as flying kicks rained at various elevations. Many of our participants also would have had the great opportunity to have a one-on-one tutorial with the Grandmaster, with their valiant efforts being commended by a great teacher.  And of course, they were commended for their valiant efforts.

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Despite the grueling and strenuous training sessions, our participants never failed to display team spirit and camaraderie. Cheers and applause could be heard echoing across the hall with every task accomplished. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a team event without the post-training socials. New friendships were formed and great memories will remain.

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Thanks everybody and well done! See you all at next year’s 20th Summer School!


Summer Round up: June 2016 Open Day

The Open Day which took place after the end of the 2015-2016 academic year was targeted towards families of prospective students who are thinking of studying at the University of Nottingham.


A number of clubs and societies were present during the event, particularly the university’s Taekwondo club who prepared a small demonstration for the visitors to marvel upon. Early interests have already been expressed especially from those who are curious about taking up a martial art. A few students who are about to join the university in the upcoming year have also shown some enthusiasm towards joining the club.

Indeed, the Taekwondo club aims to welcome everybody, whether they are beginners or returning kickers, and develop their skills as it continues to expand -ready for the next competition.